what will they say?

who cares just know… igy6.

The point is not what they’re going to say but the point is who cares? if your child was straight aka cis gender, nobody would really care. But because it’s not part of the social norm people tend to think that there’s a problem. well, I got news for a lot of people change genders have existed from the beginning of time. people have always had the ability to feel and to be what they want. So why go to extraordinary lengths to hide something that simply is? Society. in different cultures around the world behaviors and traits and personalities are all different. It’s perfectly normal that in Korea men hold hands as they walk down the street. This is just one of many examples that would go against the grain here in the United States. but the problem is not slowly here in the United States it’s a global issue people simply just need to understand that they are not in control of how other people feel and or are.

People are only good for what is convenient for them. it’s only when something doesn’t seem apparent or normal to them that they have something to say. So who cares what people have to say. In no way shape or form have they ever helped me in any form so why worry about their opinions. If they disagree they disagree. I cannot change people’s minds nor intend to convince you. I simply focus on the fact that, but we are we will become if someone has a problem with that there’s plenty of space to move around.

As a parent you cannot allow others to influence their thoughts and ideas on you especially if they have no idea what you are dealing with. do they understand what it means to be a transparent father do they understand that a child is simply a child. Gender does not dictate individual. It may give it parameters in which to operate in but does not dictate who the soul is. So why worry?

do you have to explain yourself every time somebody comes up with a question no you don’t? Do you feel in the need of explaining yourself, you shouldn’t? I will say this again, your child is your child. When people ask me well… “You served in the military don’t you think it’s a bit odd or different?” And my response is I absolutely stand for freedom. freedom is freedom. the absence of tyranny. an individual has the right to self-expression to self-evolve. And when I swore to the constitution to defend freedom that included my son. Contrary to the belief many military people believe that everyone does have the right to be and act as they please as long as nobody intentionally harms others we’re OK and good to go. So I don’t buy into the philosophies that but people say matter also don’t buy into the philosophies that there’s a negative stigma towards transgenders in the military. On the contrary many military people are supportive of transgenders. that’s exactly why President Donald Trump was it going against but most people wouldn’t even care for or bother themselves with. the fact that a transgender wants to support their country in the way they can is admirable. And so you know nobody gives a shit where you sit to pee. Most of the time you’re going to be out in the woods anyways. see one thing that has taught me very well is that while in the military they teach you that everyone is one color, green. and if you can’t get over that fact you were in the wrong group of people. everyone seeks the strengths of each other no matter what they look like no matter what they’re from or who they are everyone has their back. And in this moment I will say this to you I have your back we refer to this in the military in the acronym IGY6. I Got Your 6 (six military clock for your back)!!  

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