christmas apogee

Winter Tr/ees

For many people Christmas is symbol of happiness and joy in time to relax and have fun, it is a time to come together and share your yearly experiences. As amazing it is to see everyone this year smiling and happy, today I would like to talk to you about the flip side of Christmas. This is a message of hope, a message to be conscious of others during this time of the year.

Some people might not get the chance to sit on the same couch and talk with their parents. See their family of go back home. The reasons are infinite and complex. But let’s just say that socially, economic , religious and personal beliefs we keep people distant. While it’s the day before Christmas and you feel alone and you can’t reconnect with your parents or families for any of the reasons mentioned above let tell you this; your parents and family no matter what was said, they love you.

They just don’t know how to express it. Parents are stamped out with ideas and thought that are shoved into our brains. We think what we conceive is factual. Many of us grow believing we know the world. But that is very far from what the real world is, or what’s it about. So while I explain the mental blueprint in which your parents grew up, I want to say they were young once too. We also didn’t know much. Because knowledge was not that available. Not like today.

Take a moment from space/time, breathe.  Education is very very powerful and with all the sources of information that exist in the world and online there is no reason for any parent to be ignorant. Those excuses of not reading or understanding are long gone. If you can login to a website you can read anything on the web.  

Parents are not perfect. Don’t judge them. they think they know but they don’t.  So, what can you do? Educate them. Send them a book, a link from YouTube® or a video or something they can learn from. It’s a great time to send a gift of knowledge!   I will add a list of remarkable books that can make a difference.  Know this, I am here for you all. Mario

 “With arms wide open” -Creed

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