Image from European Council .

Hi. When you think of the word Transgender does it bother you ? or does it seem to complex? I’ve made a survey to see what people have to say. Some have reported no difference, some outright back away from the idea. Most responses so far are people that don’t know enough of the subject and are inclined to learn.

I want to make it clear to everyone that your opinion matters. I know we all don’t think the same way. The only way to truly find out what it means is getting into the details. I’m sure you looked for “How-To’ s” on YouTube. Its no different here. The only caution I can give is, consider the source. Many folks claim to be experts and done research but they don’t. If you want do some research do it! Some knowledge is better then none. Here’s and article from the European Union on Transphobia . They articulate what it means and how to understand.

Whatever is you’re opinion is its ok. You only know what you know. I don’t know anything about football or twitch or fortnight, but that doesn’t make me less of who I am? So I am asking you to ask yourself what do you know? If Transgenders is not a subject you know, ask questions. I am here to help and offer advise on what this means especially for parents that might need guidance. Take the 5 question survey and lets find out together.https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5VRG3C7 Thank you reading and your comments, see you soon,


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