rowing the parenthood boat

Parenting is much like rowing a boat. Steering depends on your coordination . your boat will move in the direction you paddle. But the environment (meaning everything else) is not so controlled. Navigating the waters of parenthood can be scary. but it shouldn’t be. The moment we dream to take on our lives we know that is it is an experience and then many adventures are just around the riverbend. We open our maps and draw our lines in the direction of our goals. But we still have much to learn through the rivers of life. Every turn is not seen. We can only hope for the best. But what that best means is still uncertain. Life is like long rivers and streams. some calm some turbulent. Embarking on a quest to parenthood may seem straight forward, but it is not. The quest to parenthood is one that has many turns. Success is measured in levels of happiness. As you know we live in a duality, so there are also levels of unhappiness. Parenthood is one of the most rewarding feelings a father or mother can have. Being able to raise your own child is a beautiful thing. What that child becomes is not a measure of yourself and your experiences, but those of your child./

No matter what you have become in your life what levels of success you may have, your child no matter what it looks like no matter what it feels to be or how it sees itself it is a being of its own. You can teach your child and you can feed your child and do all the things are father or mother can do for their kids but what they become; you can’t change.  You must know this honest and hard truth.  Sometimes your boat might take a bump and push you to a different river, If that has happened to Yuan you have no idea where you’re heading I am here to provide you a road map on how to look beyond the horizon and still reach your intended destination with an alternative view on parenting.

I’m not asking you to completely change your life, I’m asking you to take an opportunity to learn from me and show you how you can still raise an amazing child and put your fears to rest.

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